Off Early Voting this Morning!

So here are my problem pictures. I had forgotten the last one had long hair, but I liked the shorter hair on her. Hey, we’re told all the time to be artistic!

This is the last before I go on to even tougher assignments, but I’m determined to do this! And I want to learn more.

All right, so I reached 14,000 words yesterday on Cougar Christmas Calamity. You know, I look at a page that only has the chapter heading on it and I wonder how I can write a WHOLE book? But it’s like taking one of these photo challenges. It looks sooo impossible, yet with perseverance and a whole lot of work, it comes together. Since I’ve been writing years and years and years longer than I have been painting figures (six weeks, learning to use a Wacom on top of that), I know I have a LONG way to go. I still have a long way to go on the book too, but it will get done!

I’m signing a contract for 3 more books with Sourcebooks, which I’ll write next year and will come out 2021: White Wolf (David Davis story), Billionaire (she-wolf bodyguard’s story–everyone’s been asking me for hers next), and Red Wolf Christmas (need input from fans on this one!–Maybe Josh’s brother who runs the reindeer ranch.)

I was out weeding and pulling my zinnias that are looking really ragged and the weeds and grass I couldn’t get to without pulling them out, so another major project to work on. But little bit by little bit, it will look great too.

I’m off to write before the day slips by too much more!

Have a great one!


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