More Photo Art

Working on my last photo problem–I need to still work on the color of her face. Once I have her the right way, I’ll post her. She has gray/white across her face from a fence and usually I can remove it before I work on the face of the subject, but this time I couldn’t. Then I have to have 10 other photos I’ve worked on for the portfolio review. Here are 2 more I’ve done that I will submit for review. And I have done 3 others that have already been reviewed, so working on five more for professional critiques before I do the portfolio review. I’ve done tons of cats, but they don’t count. I need 3 personal, and 2 class lesson ones to pass before I move on.

Okay, little one will be here soon. It’s going to be hot, so I’m taking a walk before she gets here, maybe after she gets here also. She has so much fun being at Grandma’s that sometimes it’s hard to get going.

Have a super lovely day! I’m looking forward to cooler temps next week, but my friend in Minnesota got 8″ of snow last night–I don’t want that much cool. lol I tell her all the time I wish we could mix our temps together and we would have the perfect weather!


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