Elephant Art

An elephant and the vulture.

The zoo in Waco has a ton of vultures in many of the exhibits. This is just one of the enclosures where they hang around.

I finished the edits on Jingle Bell Wolf, turned them in, and am now back to work on White Wolf, though I hadn’t stopped working on it, getting 3,000 words in a day every day, even on granddaughter days.

My daughter reminded me the baby is due soon, and that will be a real upheaval to all our lives. We’re trying to plan an early birthday party for my granddaughter because she would turn 4 only 2 weeks before the baby’s due date, but if it came early, which we weren’t really thinking about–forget a celebration for little one. We’re just doing family. Last year, we didn’t even do that during the Pandemic. But we’ve seen each other the whole time, so we’re in this together.

Also, she wants to do a drive-through baby shower, so trying to help her with both events.

And keep up with my writing.

I’m at 63K on White Wolf, need 17K to have the word count. I’m getting there! I haven’t been doing a lot of edits on it, just writing, so that’s going to be a job when I finally really work on that. It’s due April 1st, but because of the other things going on in our lives, I’m hoping to have it done in a couple of weeks. I’ll start on the next wolf book though–Billionaire Wolf. It’s due July 1st, but hope to get it going before all the wildness happens.

Have a great day and stay safe!


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