I took this picture in a bird blind at the writer’s retreat I went to a few years back.

I’m off to get my day started. I ended up writing lots yesterday and turned in my edited Jingle Bell Wolf. I wrote 8848 words yesterday.

I had to fight a witch on the main quest and that meant writing 4,000 words. I thought I would really be somewhere on the game story, but then I had to fight another critter for 1200 words. I was getting really tired of writing by then. But then it opened up another area, and I wrote another 2,000 words to get into another area. You get maps and it opens up new quests and battles. So yay! By the time I was done with writing and began working on editing, I had written 8848 words. So I’m up to 67K on White Wolf, and 27K on Saving the White Cougar.

Have to shop for setting up little one’s birthday party–family only, and drive-thru baby shower with my daughter, so trying to get a little writing in before we go. And then afterwards, really getting into the writing again. I have to do 2400 words to get into another map area, so shooting for that–or at least part of it before we take off.

Have a great day!


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