Unfurling Hosta Leaf

Unfurling hosta. I didn’t think they had survived the freeze!

Did my walk yesterday and planted some of the flower seeds I had, and dug up that huge weed that took up a 40 gallon trash bag. I wish my good plants did that well. It was about 3 1/2 feet high when I realized it wasn’t a flowering plant. I should say one of my flowering plants. It had nondescript flowers ready to seed the whole area with more of the giant weed plant. I still need to dig up the other hibiscus.

I’m at 85K+ on Billionaire, lots of edits done, lots of work to do.

I brought my granddaughter home from the daycare to let her play in the sprinkler yesterday and it worked like this. Grandma was sitting on a chair scribbling edits on printed out pages, and little one was supposed to run through the sprinklers. So she’s running around in the grass far away from the sprinklers. It’s on a timer. She has ten minutes to play in the sprinkler and then it shuts off.

“Run in the sprinkler,” I say. It’s been in the 80’s in the afternoons, so it doesn’t hurt for my plants to get a little extra water.

She makes another dash through the sprinklers, and then ends up on the chair next to me, drinking her water. I watch the sprinklers watering the plants, thinking she has been playing in the water for about a minute.

Water shuts off. She wants them back on. So I put them on for another area and she runs through them maybe twice, and she’s back to sitting next to me on the chairs. lol Oh, well. She had fun. I edited only two pages. She said she was all done.

Then while I was helping her to dress I was showing her pictures of her that I had taken and how I had to discard the blurry ones when she wouldn’t sit still. Or making weird faces when I was trying to get her to relax her facial expression. Then I took her home and cuddled with the baby for a couple of hours.

Such is the life of a writing Grandma.

I’m working on edits this morning, and then I’m taking her to the pool. It opened last weekend, but we had violent storms all Saturday and Sunday I was too busy with my book. So I said I’d take her today. What was I thinking? It’s only 65 this morning, but will be 78 by the time I take her. I like hot, but I like to get there early before it’s too crowded. But later, it will be 88 and the perfect time to swim.

We’ve been trying to teach her to swim, but she wants to play on the stairs, which ends up with lots of kids. Because of Covid, we told her she couldn’t play on the stairs when others were trying to get up and down them, or other kids were playing on them. I have no idea how she’s going to be this year, so it’s an adventure!

Have a beautiful day! I’m back to edits until it warms up a bit. Whoever thought I’d want it to be warmer in the morning???? This is great digging up dead plants weather, or planting flowers weather! Swimming? Not so much!


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