Making an Easy Craft with a Preschooler

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These flowers were super easy to make and they look really cute–unlike some crafts I do with my granddaughter. I usually don’t have any of the craft materials to do stuff like this, so I finally bought some of the mixed size pompoms to do projects with and then she’s wanted to do them every day she’s over here. It’s fun teaching them crafts when they’re simple, turn out cute, even for an amateur like me, and not too many materials.

These are the flowers my granddaughter and I made from: cupcake liners, the middle one cut down to size. They could be mini-cupcake liners, but we found a package, no price tag and I didn’t get it, but this worked even better. The others were plain white. This makes it colorful and cute and we could vary the colors. She made all the choices on the colors and helped me glue the pieces together. You were supposed to use a green paper straw, but we couldn’t find anything like that.

My granddaughter and I had a tea party, made more flowers, and planted more flower seeds. I didn’t have her for as long yesterday, so I was able to work on the story again. I printed out pages last night so I could work on it because after a while, I can’t see the mistakes from screen to screen after so many hours of working on the computer.

I’m hoping that I can get this done by NEXT week. lol. I don’t think it’s doable by this weekend.

I’m torn in the morning when it’s nice and cool out and it’s going to heat up–plant flower seeds and daylilies? Take a walk? Pull weeds? Write????? I need to keep my nose to the grindstone, but I always need to do that.

I’m going to make my tea, and I’ve already fed the dogs and taken them out several times, fed the birds, added water to the little fountain, pulled some weeds and I’m going to take a walk, and then plant some seeds. Maybe the daylilies. And I need to tackle a humongous weed that I was waiting for it to do something interesting, but I think it’s just a weed. I actually have to get the shovel to it. There’s no pulling it out. And I need to dig up one last hibiscus tree. I couldn’t pull it up by hand.

I tried to order the variety that can take harsh winters, but they didn’t live (mail order). The ones I planted this last time were tropical and they sell them all the time in the area. My neighbors die back and always return, but this last winter’s week-long ice storm did them in. But my rule is that if I plant something and it struggles to live and dies, even if I have it in a good area where everything lives, it’s not meant to be in my garden. And I buy a lot of perennial flowers so they come back every year, then I add more each year.

I’ve noticed a few 5 foot weeds that I missed seeing. Sometimes I think they’re a flowering plant and I leave them. At least they’re easy to pull out no matter how tall they get. But I have a few weed trees I need to get rid of too, and if I don’t pull those up when they’re little, there’s no pulling them out by hand. They hide among tall shrubs or like one was hiding  in a youpon holly tree. The holly trees are dense, so I didn’t see the weed tree until it was un-pullable. Notice: un-pullable is a made up author word.

Well, I’m off to write and edit. Have a fun day!!


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