Do NOT Swim in the Water!

I took the picture of the jellyfish at the Houston Zoo. They’re so pretty, but swimming with them would be a stinging mistake.

I’m getting closer to finishing Billionaire, yay! I can’t wait so I can begin reading it through again from beginning to end to see what else I need to correct in it, but it’s fun when it’s practically all done. We’re working on coming up with a name for our Christmas wolf shifter novella anthology. I can’t wait to get started on my novella–The United Shifter Force Christmas. I’ve “started” it with different variations of the story, so I’m hoping that some of my prethinking on it will help me to charge ahead once Billionaire is ready to go.

My granddaughter and I had a nice walk to feed the turtles, naptime didn’t happen. We had a cool breeze on the walk and apparently her sunglasses were fogging up. It was very hot otherwise, so once we had fed all the happy little turtles, we headed for home. We went shopping, wearing masks and picked up supplies for the Highlight’s craft we wanted to work on. I already had cupcake liners from my daughter, but I needed to get some pompoms. I have them for my Celtic bear hats, but they’re black and I didn’t want to use them for craft projects. Plus we wanted to do colorful. They were needed for another craft project a while ago, so I figure we’ll get some use out of the huge selection. She has a ball helping me with it, and we made flowers for her momma for Mother’s Day.

So I haven’t taken her shopping anywhere since Covid happened. And it’s a shame because she’s easier to manage now that she’s getting older. The first time, I had to rush her to the grocery store to go potty. Note to self: She potties AT daycare before I take her home. But we had an issue when she saw Paw Patrol stuffed toys in a machine and wanted one. It’s one of those “games” where you pay all kinds of money to pick up a toy, I think and I wasn’t about to do that. So she had a fit and I didn’t think I’d get her out of there without a humongous meltdown.

At the store yesterday, I told her we’re just picking up the crafts we need for our project and machine screws and I had to look at plants, naturally. “I want those cheese puff balls.”

“Nope, Grandma will blow up like Bubbles the Elephant if we have those in the house.” Then we had lots of discussions about the elephant in her preschool that teaches words.

Then she saw kids’ clothes and said, “I need lots of bathing suits.”

No, she doesn’t. She has some that fit from last year, and I got her two this year. We do lots of sprinkler time when it’s hot out and not stormy, but she has plenty!

So Grandma actually ended up leaving the store with only a few crafts, no machine screws, and no plants. We went to ACE Hardware for the machine screws, but they didn’t work either. I was disappointed to see two of their staff unmasked.  Everyone else, including customers, were masked.

Okay, that’s about it. Little one will be here shortly, but she’s leaving to get her regular kids’ vaccinations early, so we’ll probably take our walk, work on some more activity books, have lunch and then I’ll have the rest of the afternoon to work on Billionaire. I’m picking her up after school tomorrow, but just maybe doing a sprinkler time and then dropping her home.

I’m still making some progress on it. I’m nearly up to 84K!

Have a beautiful day!!!


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2 thoughts on “Do NOT Swim in the Water!

  1. Jellyfish are amazing to watch. Whenever I got to go to the Ripley’s Aquarium in Gatlinburg before all the craziness hit I would always take a bunch of photos of the jellyfish myself.

    I’m glad your writing is going well.

    Hope all is well with you and have a great day.


    • Thanks, Amy! I love seeing them. That sounds like fun for you. It was for my granddaughter’s 4 year old birthday, during a week day when most kids were in school and not very busy, but it will be nice when it finally is safer to do things like that! 🙂

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