Black and White Butterfly on Flowers–Sulfur Butterfly Photo Art

Like the other picture, I took the photo of the flowers with natural bokeh coming from the esperanza in sunlight. I was thinking about that since last year, these were my Mother’s Day flowers that had come in May, and the esperenza were huge and in full bloom and beautiful. This year with the hard freeze, they are trying to come back, slowly but surely. So no flowers, just some new leaf growth at the base. Last year, we had such a mild winter, they practically bloomed the whole time. Like on the other photo art I did of the Giant Swallowtail Butterfly, I got the Sulfur Butterfly from Daily Textures. She has a collection of butterflies to purchase, but you have to cut them out yourself. They’re not an overlay.

So my friend was telling me, a little late, about doing a little May Day basket of flowers for friends, a tradition of usually putting a cone of flowers and treats hanging from their doors. I want to do that next year with my granddaughter and make it a tradition. I think it would be fun. But it is for May 1st, no Maypole.

Hump day, yay! So little one is here today and it’s cold this morning, yay!! And we’re going to plant flower seeds–zinnia, shasta daisy, coneflowers, and some other seeds I saved from last year, I think more zinnia, and some more daylilies. We’re going to nature hike it, feed the turtles and anything else we can think of before it gets too hot. But we also have to run an errand too. We have a craft to make, paper flowers for Mother’s Day.

It was a wild day yesterday, but the good news was my teeth are in excellent shape even after not going to the dentist for a year and a half because of Covid! An electric toothbrush is the key. I brush longer and can reach places I can’t with the regular one. And flossing is so important. They had a cute sign up that said, “Which teeth should I floss? The ones I want to keep.”

I’m trying to come up with a name for my business. I’m thinking of Wilde Heart Publishing. I write romance. My daughter mentioned Howling Good Books, which I love, but I write so many more books then just wolf shifters. Highland books, fae stories, romantic suspense, cougar shifters, bear shifters, vampire romance, so I want something to encompass all of them.

And that’s all she wrote! Okay, off to get ready before little one gets here for another busy day! She got here…which delayed posting this for two hours. lol

Hope you all have a great one! I’m off to have fun with mine!


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