Photo Art in Black and White–Butterfly on Flowers

I had taken the picture of the flowers and natural bokeh of bubbly light as the sun hit the esperanza flowers behind it. Then I added the lilac flowers to blend in with the giant yellow swallowtail butterfly that was perched on some lilac flowers (Daily Textures). It was really pretty with all the yellows, but I wondered how it would look as a black and white photo and I thought it was really beautiful that way as you can see more of the textures in the picture.

Well, I ended up with 3,000 words yesterday! So I’m over word count. Yay! I was so glad to be getting somewhere with the story, despite having to run errands. It’s another hectic day today for me–teeth cleaning this morning. Haven’t gone in since January of last year because of Covid. They’re starting to take patients again and I’m fully vaccinated, so I’m hoping that’s enough. Another appointment this afternoon. So I’ll have to write in short spurts as much as I can and do edits like yesterday.

I need to run in for a couple of groceries. I thought I just did that! So I’ll try to combine that with the teeth cleaning–well, afterwards.

I finally took the dogs in to be groomed yesterday. They’re long-haired havanese and though I comb them out every day (they don’t shed), their faces and paws and tummies and rumps need to be trimmed and they can do it unlike how I can. I take them once every three months or so normally. But with Covid….no.

We’re supposed to have storms again today, hoping they’ll stay away while I’ve got to run to the appointments. People can’t drive here when it rains. I swear they think it means drive faster! And we have a lot more accidents. Hmm, just looked at the weather and it appears we’re going to have thunderstorms both times I’m out and about. Plus we still have two river flash flood warnings.

I was so hoping I’d have the book done by this weekend, but not sure. I want to get started on the Christmas anthology novella and get back to You Had Me at Cougar. I wish my brain could write these at night while I’m sleeping.

Have a wonderful day! Mine is just about to get started!


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