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I finally, finally figured out where I’m going with the Billionaire. Kind of. It helped not to have little one here every night and day for a couple of days. Anyway, I’m on the home stretch, I think. I need to run some errands this morning, ugh, and I have to pick up my granddaughter this afternoon, so that will cut into my writing time, and I’ve got a repeat of something like that tomorrow. But hopefully, I’ll get this done by the weekend. I’m 900 words shy of word count. While editing, I was adding and cutting so much that I would have had it if I hadn’t cut over a 1,000 words yesterday, but that was good. It’s all good.

I have a scene in mind to write today, and I have 3 chapters left to edit, and then I still need to finish the book, but it’s getting there!

I had a nice letter from a fan today that she couldn’t put The Wolf Wore Plaid down after she started reading it. That is the greatest compliment a writer can get. And she loved how I had Guy injure his back and write about it realistically since she has back pain. I’ve injured my back and it’s something you can’t undo. Through the years since then, if I twist and lift a certain way, I’m in pain for days. Sometimes, I can manage to only re-injure it slightly, but other times, I really throw it out of whack. So yep, I know all about it.

She wanted to know if I would have more about Guy in a future story. Yes! I love it when readers are interested in new characters and want to see more of them. I figure when I write the last MacQuarrie’s brother’s story, I’ll pair him up in a movie with Guy like before, different castle, and then I’ll have to write Guy’s story.

While I’m running around on errands today, I think I’ll pick up more daylilies. When I put them in, they were pretty, but not that showy. Now that I’ve had some of them in for a few years, they are really showy. So it’s time for more. They do block out the weeds. And that’s what I really need. Showy flowers that bloom all the time and no weeds. A perfect garden!

Okay, got to get busy with the book, feeding the dogs, etcetera!

Hope you have a beautiful day! I’ve got to quit goofing off and get mine started!


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