Grosbeak Photo Art

A Grosbeak came to visit. In seven years, I’ve only seen one about three times. I love their colors!

Well, we had 8″ of rain in two days. We had such bad thunderstorms, I had to put Max in the closet so he could sleep. For anyone who doesn’t know it, that’s a havanese, not a kid, grandkid, or a significant other. Just thought I’d clarify that. He finally slept fine so I could sleep!

I managed to get through another 5 chapters yesterday. It’s slow going, trying to fix timeline issues. This morning, I was trying to come up with a mystery still. I’m at nearly 76k. I need 80K for minimum word count. I need to write a bunch of more scenes, so that will easily make the word count, once I’m not just editing.

I went out early before it was even light to plant more flower seeds. They’re seeds I saved from flowers from last year–zinnia, marigold, gerbera daisy, coneflower. And I have a couple of packages of more seeds to plant. The ground is so wet, it’s the perfect time to plant them. Some seeds easily come up–I already have quite a few zinnia popping up from last year’s crop. And marigolds are too. I love it when the flowers reseed themselves and it makes literally no work for me. I had so many colors with them, I would take my granddaughter out, carrying her from flower to flower and she’d name all the colors for me. I’m not sure about the gerbera daisies. They might not come up that easily since I’ve never seen new ones from the seeds I’ve planted.

The daylilies are really getting prolific, finally, and making a really couple of showcase flowerbeds out front. I want to plant more so it’s a drift of daylilies. I love the Asiatic lilies, but one flower per season and they’re done. I love the gerbera daisies also that continue to bloom once it warms up and as long as it’s not too hot. But in the fall, they begin to bloom again. The same with the coneflowers. I need to plan better on what is in front of what though. I have some taller plants that are in front of shorter flowering plants in some places.

We’re supposed to get hot again today, unlike yesterday where we were cooler than Minnesota! And no rain, so I’m going to plant the rest of my flower seeds before it gets too hot. It’s nice out this morning.

I’m off to work on the book, hope to make some more headway! Want to finish this before more book edits come in for previous books.

Have a super lovely day!


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