Curious Goat Photo Art

Curious Goat

This is a picture I took of a curious goat out in the country in Brenham, Texas on a walk during a writer’s retreat. And then I played with a texture background. I am trying to do a course on turning these into watercolors in Photoshop, but I’m not doing something right. I like this the way it is though.

Another lovely, rainy day! Love it!! We had 4″ yesterday and 2″ this morning so far. I’ve been getting baby and big sister pictures done for my daughter and SIL, and I don’t have little one today, so I’m working on the story as soon as I finish the blog. Though I’ll probably run over and do some more outfit changes on my baby model. He is so good at sleeping while I’m redressing him and taking photos. My granddaughter was a squirmy little thing!

I was just reading about how cold overnight oats are really good for you, so I’m going to try it–though with steel cut oats, not rolled oats. Steel cut is what I normally eat. So I added flax seed, milk, and set in the fridge for tomorrow. We shall see. Sometimes things that are good for me I like…sometimes not!! I love the cooked kind, but it’s not as great for the gut health.

Usually, I’ve got my blog done by now. Don’t you wonder where the time goes? But I was editing the photos, and so that takes time.

Have a super, lovely day! I’m enjoying the rain while I’m writing and editing.


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