I’m Free!

photo of thunderstorm
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Free! Free! I’m free! Until I pick up little one at school. It’s thundering and pouring rain, just the way I love it. Except for the flooded streets. You would think they could engineer things better so that the streets wouldn’t flood like that. Cutting costs? I’m sure of it.

But because of the rain and thunder, that meant taking Max out on leash. He got soaked, and so did I, before he did his duty, resigned to Mommy keeping him out in the rain until he did it. Now, I told him that if he’d just gone and done his business like Tanner had done, he wouldn’t have had to get that wet. Does he listen to me? No.

As I was driving home in the pouring rain, I saw 8 great white herons at one of the ponds and instantly, I wanted to take pictures of them. In the lightning and rain, sure. *sigh* And it’s going to rain all day, so no chance of going there in a bit to try and do it. So much fun.

But right now, I have the whole day to myself, except for picking up little one and dropping her off at home. We had fun though all day. Read Highlights Magazine for little ones, read books, tried to put Max in her bed and he was happy to be with her and she was falling asleep, but then if I left, he wanted to come with me. After trying until 9 pm, I gave up and took her to bed with me and Max lost out and had to sleep in his crate. Tanner loves sleeping in his crate. He’d prefer that to a soft bed. Silly dog.

Last night I wanted to take the dogs out one last time for the night and I told little one to shut the door so the mosquitoes didn’t fly into the house and eat us all up. So she did. And. Locked. The. Door. And couldn’t get it unlocked. This will have to go into a story for sure. Grandma’s out in the dark with two dogs, all three of us wanting to go inside and little one is screaming and crying and struggling to unlock the door. I’m thinking, I have no cell phone, and even if I walked to my neighbor’s house to use their phone, I don’t have my daughter’s phone memorized. The hazard of touching a screen and the number is magically called. Little one wouldn’t know how to call her mother, another thought I had. And I wasn’t even sure where my phone was. In the mail bag, but I usually didn’t throw it in there.

I calmly told her to bring her stepstool over to the door and try the lock. I figured if she was higher, she’d have more leverage, and it worked. Then I had to comfort a sobbing child, hoping she wouldn’t do that again. But when I was going to sleep last night, I had a thought. If she locks me out by accident again, and if the stool trick doesn’t work, she can unlock the front door and I told her this morning about that, and I’d run around to the front door as fast as I could.

She’s done that to me at her parents’ house, and her dad has locked me out, or her mother, a time or two, but at least they’re adults and can come around and get in with the security code.

And the TV went out completely when I got home with her, so we had to do other creative things to pass the time. Which means no TV for me either and maybe I’ll get more writing done at night too.

Right now, I have the whole day to myself, except for picking up little one and dropping her off at home. So I need to pack up little one’s stuff for this afternoon, but otherwise, I’m in full writing mode.

Hope you all have a wonderful day. Mine is going to be great!


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