Taking a Nature Walk

Little one and I had a lovely walk, though it was hot and muggy. One of the ponds I know has turtles, but we can’t ever entice them to come to eat. So we went to another one where no one feeds them, and saw that some of the fish are getting bigger and some small turtles came to check us out. They didn’t know what to do about the turtle food we were tossing out to them. Then finally, one of the baby turtles started eating them and three others joined him.

We walked around the pond some more to feed turtles that were farther away and finally made it halfway around to where there were bigger turtles. They were the same way. They weren’t sure what we were doing, but they figured out we were going to feed them. But it looks like someone’s hand feeding them. So they came right up to us and the food was all around them on the water and on the pavement next to the water. They finally started eating the food, and I got some pictures.

Turtles coming up to be fed.

And someone had made up two little roly-poly crossing signs, lol, on the path. We did see one as we were walking. Did you know they are not insects? But isopods.

Armadillidiidae (the scientific name for pill bugs) have so many different names to chose from, for instance:

  • Armadillo Bugs
  • Doodle Bugs
  • Wood Lice
  • Potato Bugs
  • Roly-polies

I was going to have little one play in the sprinkler afterward because we were so hot, but she wanted to eat hot dogs and then lie down and watch an animated feature. I’m thinking, if it’s not sizzling out, I might pick her up after errands this morning, and make her walk the half mile to my place. But I’m afraid I might have to carry her part ways. So maybe I’ll walk down with an empty stroller. I’ll have to check the weather though. 82. Hmm, and thunderstorms after that. So I’ll just have to see. I’m taking her overnight again, but after that, I need to write, so Grandma needs a break.

I took more pictures of the kids last night and then I had told my granddaughter we could go outside to look at flowers. I’d forgotten, after we had eaten. She hadn’t. lol My daughter only has one growing–a zinnia. I have tons of different flowers–some zinnia coming up from seeds last year, marigold also, roses in profusion, daylilies blooming like crazy. Asiatic lilies, coneflowers, salvia, gerbera daisies, mums, dianthus, phlox, and other flowers. I love it when the perennials come back in full bloom and the annuals reseed themselves making them practically perennials.  I was out gardening one day when a dad was walking with his little daughter and we said hi, and he told his daughter, that’s the lady with the flower garden. That was nice. And every year, it gets to be fuller and more beautiful.

So I went out and took a picture of the one flower my daughter had and then my granddaughter showed me the clover growing in the yard, so I had to get low and take pictures of it. I have two kinds–one is the good stuff with white flowers and variegated leaves, the other clover has burs, yellow flowers, and solid green clover leaves. I have to pull those up before the burs drop and they’re in the dogs’ fur. It’s a constant battle.

Hope you all have a delightful day!! I need to run my trash out, feed the dogs, and get going this morning!!!


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