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The Wolf Wore Plaid
Terry Spear

Reviewed by Annetta Sweetko
Posted April 27, 2021

Romance Fantasy | Paranormal Romance

It is easy to fall in love with these characters and almost hear the sexy brogue as they speak. The humor pops in at various times with everyone trying to “help” Enrick and Heather with their courtship whether they wanted it or not. The courtship is filled with animated discussions concerning their past feelings, their work, her engagement, and her fiance’s death – these conversations did a lot to bring all the characters’ full personalities out for the readers to see. That said Ms. Spear’s bad guys were certainly a nasty lot that were easy to root against and wonder what was wrong with their wimp of an alpha.

So if you want sexy, kilted wolf shifters, a strong, intrepid heroine, watching a movie in progress, some secrets, and mysteries, danger and drama while watching a sweet romance that finally leads to a lovely mating then get your hands on THE WOLF WORE PLAID.

The Wolf Wore Plaid
Terry Spear

Reviewed by Miranda Owen
Posted April 27, 2021

Romance Fantasy | Action | Paranormal Romance

THE WOLF WORE PLAID has Scottish charm, brave characters, and a sweet romance. The hostile actions by the rival pack spur the action along and give the hero and heroine moments to shine. Terry Spear paints a very vivid picture as battles – both fake and real – take place on the Scottish landscape. I hope to read about Heather’s brothers finding mates in future stories. I look forward to Terry Spear’s next wolfy romance.


Thanks so much to the reviewers and fans who have reached out to me and told me they love the story!! It’s amazing how uplifting the words are to a writer: “I couldn’t put the book down” and then I know I’ve done something right!!

Well, it’s going to be a busy day today with little one, maybe. We did the car wash last night and had hot dogs, so we had a good evening watching a show about Color in Animals and one about a family who takes care of koala bears in Australia. We couldn’t walk because it started raining on our walk and we were supposed to have thunderstorms. I don’t think they ever materialized, but we went straight to hot dogs instead.

So today, we’re going to do our nature walk as soon as she finishes her Micky and Minnie Mouse waffles. Feed the turtles in the pond, take photos of anything I can find to take pictures of. And later, I’ll take pictures of the two kids together, if it works out. You never know with a newborn and a pre-schooler.

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“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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