From Idyllic to Chaos

1 pink lily in a castle pond

1 pink lily in a castle pond

2 black faced sheep in Scotland near a lighthouse in the Isle of Skye

2 black faced sheep in Scotland near a lighthouse in the Isle of Skye

3 boat reflection, loch, Scotland where we were staying

3 boat reflections, loch, Scotland where we were staying

4 birds on branch on the walk to one of the castle ruins

4 birds on a branch on the walk to one of the castle ruins

And now there are 5.

And now there are 5.

6 seals a sunning

6 seals a sunning

I look back at these pictures–idyllic, and today it’s nothing but. I have two books in edits I’m working on, promo blogs for a 3rd, and in the middle of packing my house for a move. Which means I’m constantly losing stuff. Where is the tape again??? 🙂

But I am seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. I open a cabinet or a drawer, and miracles of miracles, they’re empty! It doesn’t look like it from outward appearances.

What’s fun about all this, and yes, I always try to see the positive side in the chaos is that I will have more fodder for stories. All the no shows for getting stuff done for one reason, or another. I had 3 guys coming for different things on Thursday. One showed up. One guy was supposed to come for the last two weekends. Now he’s supposed to be here today. We will see. The resale shop that was supposed to come on Thurs rescheduled for Tuesday. Truck broke down. The home inspector showed up and said he wouldn’t put furniture in the living room, but would rebuild a ’68 Camaro in there.  He said he rebuilt his motorcycle in his living room. And then he was telling me how he played bagpipes in a band that played Irish music songs, had been there three times, and wow, who would have ever thought??? And I was thinking he’d be a perfect character for a book. I told him so also. 🙂

So I was thinking how a heroine could be trying to get ready to sell her home, move to some idyllic location, but she has all these deadlines and everything is hampering her. Like, oh, I don’t know…a bad storm that knocks out her electricity for eight hours maybe???


Anyway, sometimes you need to just live life so you can have more to write about. Oh, my daughter is a dietitian for a school district and she said one of the food reps she deals with told her she reads all my books and just learned I was her mother. You see, it’s little stories like that that make all the chaos totally worthwhile.  🙂

How do I deal with all this??? I set daily goals. They’re often revised when people don’t show up or the electricity goes out, for instance, and I can’t get to my edits. Today, I’m shipping bears, hopefully two guys will show up who were supposed to last week, but in the meantime, I’m spending the day rereading Jaguar so I can turn it in, and then jump on Billionaire. 🙂

Have a super great Monday. Christmas is coming! Family is coming! The deadlines on the books are not going away. And the guys who are supposed to come…well, we shall see if they all suddenly arrive en mass. Wouldn’t that be a surprise? And unrealistic. But I can always fantasize. lol


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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2 thoughts on “From Idyllic to Chaos

  1. LOL!!! We all benefit from your chaos. Setting goals and making a list and checking it twice. Helps to find out if the workers are naughty and no shows. OMG!! You know. I’d like to jump on that Billionaire too. Hang in there. You’ll be moving and setting up a new writing cave soon. So we can all find out how building a 68 Camaro in your new living room goes.

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