Oh No! They Changed My Story!!!

East of the Sun, West of the Moon

Okay, not MY story, but I loved the Norwegian tale I read when I was a little girl.

Here is the version I read.


I loved it but was so mad at the girl for dripping wax on him and making him go away. I felt sorry for him and loved him. Poor polar bear prince. The newer version doesn’t sound like it’s anything like my version. It’s supposed to be good for children to read. You know, probably the sanitized kind. Probably no exploding trolls and such. I like exploding trolls. I like to see the bad guys get their just rewards. 🙂

And why even bring it up???

It was the very first time that I had read about a shapeshifter and loved the sweet romance. My shapeshifters are not cursed to live their existence until someone can break the spell, yet, it made me see that shapeshifters could be just as sexy and lovable as anyone else.

I’m from the great grizzly bear state of California. And I have all kinds of different bear collections that I’ve collected over the years. And I make award-winning teddy bears. So it seemed natural to want to write about bear shifters. In honor of reading about a polar bear shifter, my first ever shifter tale, I decided to make it a polar bear shifter story.

Tanner, tan mohair, 10 1/2" Suede paws

Tanner, tan mohair, 10 1/2″
Suede paws

But with all good tales, it must end so I can get back to edits on A Very Jaguar Christmas, which I was told was up on Amazon for preorder now!


And that’s it for today. I must go back to my writing cave. Carpet was replaced in the two bedrooms, and rather than shove everything back in drawers and closets, packing it all up. 🙂 So no time for edits yesterday. Just more utter chaos.

polar bear head downThis is me contemplating the next edit.

Have a great one!


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