Power Outages all over Texas!

I’m back up and running!!! Woohoo! I knew it had gone out before 4 am, so we were without for at least 8 hours. This morning: No oatmeal. No hot green tea. No working on edits. I had called it in at 6 and they said there were outages all over Texas, at least that had been reported. I checked. 339 in Waco. They didn’t even report that I had an outage. So I’m sure there were a lot of unreported ones also.

Not that I didn’t have a backup plan. Tuna fish. Yep. For breakfast. And water.

Instead of edits, I packed boxes. So the time was put to good use. Once I could see enough to pack boxes. I had to take the puppies out in the dark. No security lights. And completely dark because of the storms.

Inside Invergarry Castle ruins

Inside Invergarry Castle ruins

I reminded myself I could be living here, and then all I would have had was torchlight, so get up and get to work and deal with it. Which I did.

And I had a couple of queries about bears, showed some more pictures of the ones left, and sold 6 more this morning. I packed a couple away, so have to dig them out. But that’s good. More space for something else.

And now??? After digging out the bears, I’m having my tea, woohoo, and will start on edits again.

Have a super day! I’ve got electricity!!!


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