Let’s Say You are a Hunky Jaguar Shifter….

JaguarPride_041714_BBigfoot isn’t real. Fairies aren’t real. The Loch Ness monster isn’t real. Not unless someone really scientifically proves it, right?????

So jaguar shifters exist. They keep what they are secret from the rest of the world. Which consists of humans. Period. There aren’t that many jaguar shifters. They tend to live in the states bordering Mexico because they go south of the border to let out their jaguar halves in the rain forests were the strictly jaguars live. And jaguars did exist in these states early on.

What if they suddenly encounter a wolf shifter boy??? And learn of their existence.

Would they be considered naive or arrogant not to have believed wolf shifters existed? That’s what my editor said.

I don’t have every paranormal creature in the books. Every once in a while, a ghost shows up. But mostly, if it’s a wolf book, it’s just wolves. And if it’s a jaguar book, it’s just jaguars. Until the newest book I’m working on. A Very Jaguar Christmas, where they discover the existence of wolves.

Why did I do this? My first nine books came out about wolf shifters. No jaguar shifters existed. Another editor wanted me to write something different. So I began writing jaguar shifters also. But I couldn’t just throw them into the wolf world. It’s the same world. Our world. But the shifters live among us without letting us know it. So the jaguars were perfectly content to live their lives believing, as we do, that wolf shifters or any other shifters don’t exist. UNLESS someone proves to us that they do.

Even the shifters don’t know where other shifters exist unless they run across them. Maybe there are some jaguars in Rhode Island. But the Texas jaguars wouldn’t know they were there unless they ran into them at some point. They don’t live in packs. They have families, extended families, but no packs. And like wolf shifters, they don’t advertise what they are. They keep their identity secret so humans don’t learn about them.

Book 16

Sure, some might speculate that if jaguar shifters exist, other shifters exist. Just as some may believe in ghosts, reincarnation, psychic abilities, and more. But none of which is verifiable beyond a doubt that would make everyone believe. Right? But then why not believe there are cougar shifters? Bear shifters? Snake shifters? Hawk shifters? Fox shifters? Well, just any kind of shifter??? Wouldn’t it be arrogant or naive to believe that others don’t exist? Maybe dog shifters? Domicile cat shifters?

Taming the Wild Cougar  copy

Just anything, really. But why believe that if they’ve never seen it for themselves?

As far as you and I know, ONLY jaguar, wolf, cougar, and I hear a bear shifter is going to be revealed in the coming year, but that’s our secret. If any of them knew we knew, it’s a life changer for us.

And that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 🙂 <3

What say you???

Have a super Saturday! Mine is filled with edits for A Very Jaguar Christmas AND Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing.  And I have to send in a couple of promo blogs, pack more, get rid of more, clean out more, fill out more paperwork…so why am I still here???

I love being here with you, that’s why!

Oh, almost forgot: A Highland Wolf Christmas is on sale for 99 cents only. USD. It looks like it’s only for Amazon though. But if you haven’t read it and have a kindle, be sure to grab it and spread the word! smile emoticon heart emoticon


Majestic Pines: These trees were saved from being cut down by builders are from an old forest. How old would you say they are?

Majestic Pines: These trees were saved from being cut down by builders and are from an old forest. How old would you say they are?


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