Hurricane Season?

For 6 years, we didn’t have any trouble with hurricanes where we lived in Central Florida, though the house had been hit a couple of years before we moved there and had taken out a wall.

So the traffic was snarled on Saturday due to flooding and evacuations south of us, but we went out to dinner to celebrate birthdays at a Mexican restaurant really close to where we live, and my daughter starts talking about how it’s hurricane season from now until November.

storm clouds 006 (640x427)And they’re supposed to be bad because we had such a mild winter.

storm clouds 007 (640x427)Because of all the flooding, and more rain on its way for most of this week and into next week, and the rivers and creeks are already full to bursting, when I see these beautiful clouds, I’m thinking oh-no. More rain. Normally, I love rain. It cools things down. Gives relief to the hot sun. We’ve already had 96 degrees heat index, so it’s been hot. And the storms really did cool things down.

In Central Texas, we’ll have terrible droughts in the summer. So I’m hoping it’s not like that here. But too much rain can be a bad thing too.

storm clouds 008 (640x427)I mentioned it on Facebook, but one of the local residents said we live far enough north, hurricanes aren’t a real problem. No need to evacuate. The problem is tropical storms and the flooding and power outages. Buy a generator. Someone said get an extra couple of cans of gas in case you do have to leave. Which reminds me to always have the tank full if a storm is coming to the area. Just in case.

My daughter was talking about getting canned goods that don’t require cooking. So next time I’m at the grocery store, I’ll have to stock up on emergency food. Something I’ve never thought of doing. But after our electric was out for so many hours, businesses all closed because of it, it’s a good idea. One year, ice caused outages all over in Texas. My parents got dry ice to keep their groceries cold. They ran into town to eat because some places had electricity. But it was so cold at home that they were having trouble keeping warm. I’m surprised my dad didn’t have a generator. I need to get one of those camping stoves, just in case. 🙂

How are you set up for electric outages in your area?


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