3 Mixed Columbine–What Does Mixed Mean?

columbine 2 with flowermiddle colombine with flower (640x427)columbine roses with new growth 022 (640x576)That’s what the order said. Now I will patiently, or not so patiently, wait to see. The top picture is the 2nd plant to bloom.  The middle one is finally blooming. The bottom one has bloomed already and this is its 2nd flower. That one is a double pink. I think the top might be also. So what are the chances that the middle one will be also? What are the chances that the “mixed” Columbine weren’t mixed at all?

It looks like someone forgot to shuffle the deck of cards. But what does mixed really mean?

This flower isn’t even in the picture shown of the mixed columbine. Which is why I was unsure of what it was to begin with.

I assume then that mixed means you will get what we send you. They might be different. They might be the same. They might not even look like the picture of the plants you bought. We are as mixed up as you and the plants are. That’s what mixed means.

LOL….okay, I’ve been working on edits too long, clearly.

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