Storms and 19″ of Rain!

storm 004 (640x427)storm 006 (640x427)

Storm Total Rainfall and Flood Reports

storms between night (640x427)I thought I had left a light on outside because all of a sudden, it was really light out at 8:30 pm, and then it stormed again.

More thunderstorms possible this afternoon. But in the meantime, sunny skies and look what I captured when I took the puppies out for a walk? A baby dragonfly.

blue dasher dragonfly (406x640)I think it’s a blue dasher.

baby blue dasher dragonfly (544x640)

Oh, oh, just saw daddy cardinal with TWO baby cardinals feeding them! I wondered if there were two of them. But they were on the patio and by the time I noticed them, I missed getting a picture of all 3 of them together. More later.

Okay, off to write. Have a super great day!!!


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