Here’s Looking at You, Kid

Crested titmouse looking through the ring of the basket where he’s eating no-melt suet.

You’ve heard of framing your subject? Well, here his eye is PERFECTLY framed in that little ring. How cool is that? I planned it that way. Told him to move this way…no, back a little, no forward a little. You got it! It was a shot in a billion. A Kodak moment (which shows my age), and the coolest thing ever. When I was taking pictures, I knew he stopped to look at me, but I was amazed, I mean, I planned it that way–to get that bird’s eye view of a bird’s eye framed in the ring.

crested titmouse,  ring (640x470)

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. Until I have to do edits and revise it. 🙂

Speaking of which, I stopped to work on the other book’s edits, and they were gone. All of them. I spent hours searching, trying to locate temp files, thinking I’d mistakenly downloaded the book to do the edits, and saved it in the downloads file. If it’s there, I couldn’t find it. So I’m starting over. Once was bad enough. Trying to remember the changes I already made? ugh.

Have a super, great day!!!


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