Back to the Cave…

polar bear (2) (800x614)No, not the bat cave. The bear cave for when I’m working diligently on edits. I took this picture in Omaha, Nebraska.

Puppies got me up at 4:45 this morning and of course go right back to sleep. Me? I’m blogging, then getting ready to edit again. 145 pages to go!

Storms didn’t come last night as they predicted. Yes! They’re coming this afternoon through Sunday. Which means more flooding. We’re still under flood warnings before we have any more rain. Unless it changes, which it is known to do, the rains will stop by Monday, which is better than earlier predictions. They were supposed to last through Wednesday. So it looks like a whole week of drying out next week. Which we really need.

I need to run out and get more groceries before this starts up again. And run other errands. Have a great day! I’ve got to get busy!


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  1. Terry I love your posts and your books. Did you leave Texas? Or are you still here? I’d love to hook up with you at some point, if you’re still here and discuss some things. 😉

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