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black bear (640x364) (2)It’s really important that I stay in my bear cave to finish the edits on this book. 70 pages to go. 130 done. BUT, it’s essential that I get some papers notarized, scanned, emailed, and fedexed. We’re under 2 flood river warnings and 1 flood river watch. The two are already a couple of feet over flood levels. I tried to run in last night to a post office to do the notary, but the roads were soooo badly flooded, I had to turn around, not sure I could even make it back. In retrospect, I wished I could have taken a picture, but I was too busy trying not to get hit or flood my engine.

I kept saying if they’d send the paperwork earlier, even a couple of hours earlier, we would have been fine. Nope. Had to send them in the middle of the downpour and by then, it was already too late.

So I’ve been trying to figure out another way I can get this notarized…a place nearer by will do it, IF they can even make it into work. It’s a non-essential type place so they might not. And IF I can even make it over there. We have continued rains for several hours. I can’t do anything until businesses open up at 8:30-9. So until then, I’m back to the bear cave while the thunder and lightning continues, and the rains keep coming down.

ducks and koi (800x733)The ducks are probably laughing when they see all these cars stopped, trying to figure out if they can make it on the flooded roads. Lights flashing, they sit there, not sure what to do. Try to make it? Stall out their cars? Wait the storm out? The storm and the flood waters are not going away any time soon. Maybe tomorrow? But we have heavy rains through the weekend. Tow trucks have been out in numbers, towing cars stuck in the floodwaters.

I had to turn around while I watched a couple of other higher road vehicles plow through the water, the wet stuff as high as their headlights. I have a Ford Escape, the new models lower than the older ones, so the water was up to my headlights before I even reached the point where the water was even higher.  I didn’t want to risk it. Vehicles riding lower than mine were in a real quandary.  Two Suburbans sailed past me, idiots, not because they could, but because they were driving 10 mph over the speed limit as if to say ha! They could do it. There have been tons of accidents on the highways this morning, mostly due to the wet roads and flooding.

So I have to figure out this dilemma and figure out how to get it done without drowning myself in the process.

Hmmm, it sounds like the stuff for stories.

waterfall (427x640)Have a super great day! Back to editing!!! 🙂


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