Before…After–Shop ‘Til You Drop

We were at IKEA for hours yesterday and baby started out all smiles, she had a ball, but by the end of the day, she crashed. Grandma had her walking, pushing her stroller, walking, and that place is huge and perfect for walking. Wore her out.

But I also got an organizer for making the bears! It really is making a difference. Instead of having them piled up on the couch were I was stuffing, attaching body parts, and sewing them, I have them organized by degree of doneness (author made up word).

Bottom basket had the bears with arms attached, middle unattached legs and ears, top, sewing and attachment tools. Before, I had them all in plastic buckets on the couch and I kept searching and searching for body parts. (Sounds like a murder thriller, doesn’t it?)

And I found butterscotch bear’s arm! lol But alas, one panda bear’s leg hadn’t been cut out, so I did that and was sewing heads on the machine and more legs this morning, and still need to cut out 4 more white bear heads. Puppies wanted out and I thought I’d better get this done before I forgot.

I’ll probably write some this morning. Still need to figure out how to start my next Silver Town wolf book.

Hope you have a lovely day!!!


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