Cardinal Daddy and Baby

I love observing animal behavior. The baby has been eating on his own with his sister all this time. But here comes daddy cardinal and baby is opening his beak, flapping his wings, as if he were in the nest still, needing nourishment.

Daddy obliges, but then he was back to foraging for himself.

Silver Town Wolf: Home for the Holidays. It might sound like it’s a Hallmark Classic, but it’s my regular paranormal romantic suspense–dead bodies, ghosts, wolf shifters, romance, you know, the usual.

I’m off to write! Trying to get 3,000 words today. Managed 1,000 yesterday on baby day, but also got 60 books ready to ship, another 30 to go.

Have a beautiful day!!!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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