Book Giveaway Done!

I have 10th anniversary releases for these 4 books coming out either this year, next year, or last year, so I realized I needed to clear out some space for the new books with the new book covers and I did a Facebook giveaway and 90 books later, they’re all gone. Or, at least they’re all spoken for. I still have to sign them and ship them all.

My granddaughter’s here, so we took a walk before it gets too hot, and we HAVE to go to the grocery store. I ran out of potatoes. Horrors! I hope to go early because it will be 90 degrees again. We’ll play in the water later.

So working on getting the books ready to ship. I need a hunky, wolfish personal assistant. I think I will have to make do with a toddler’s help. But I can fantasize.

Have a super lovely day!!!


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