Trying to Catch Up

Wolf picture I took at the International Wolf Center, Ely, MN

Usually when I’m so far behind on writing goals, I throw out my goals and start over. Not this time. I need to catch up. So I’m back to whittling down the discrepancy. It’s a push, but it’s what I need.

I’m down to 23,000 behind, from 26,000 words on Sunday. So that’s progress. But I have to go to my daughter’s place on Saturday to help her and friends celebrate my SIL’s birthday. *sigh*

Okay, baby’s not here today, so I’m trying to get my word count! I’m hoping to reach 50,000 words today. I was supposed to be at 72,000. See how this sneaks up on you?

Have fun, will you??? I’ll be in my bear cave writing.


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