Daylilies Abloom

Daylilies in bloom, from a gold with burnt orange center, to peach with a darker peach center, to the regular yellow daylilies, to purple, darker peach with a wine center and red with a yellow center.

I love daylilies. They come back each year, bigger and more beautiful than before. I was on a plant identification site, trying to figure out what a plant was when I came across a seed sharing forum and they were mentioning daylily seeds. Daylily seeds? Now that intrigued me. So here’s a site where they talk about it and it has a link to a seed sharing site also.

I’ve had a lot of volunteer pine trees, crape myrtles, yaupon hollies pop up in my yard. But I haven’t done much in propagating my own flower seeds to create new batches. Until a couple of friends began sending me some of theirs. But now, I’ve tried to propagate yellow ligustrum by sticking the branches I needed to trim back in the yard, and yep, some of them are beginning to take hold and leaf out.

I’ve tried this with roses, and haven’t had much success, but I think I’m going to give it a shot again. I really love seeing the new plant take hold and I don’t even need to go out and buy another!

Another idea I hadn’t thought of was cross pollination and creating your own cultivar! Just think! You could create a beautiful cultivar of your own, name and register it. Shapeshifter Goddess. That would be the name of my beautiful cultivar. lol

BUT, I need to write, promote, write, edit, write, pull weeds, write…and so on.

Okay, granddaughter is here and I need to see if I can get her breakfast and some writing done while she’s sleepily watching cartoons.

May the force of flower power be with you!


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