Baby Cardinals

Still doggy sitting. Kids didn’t get in until really late last night. Even with running dogs in an out all day yesterday, I managed to get 4,000 words. Still 26,000 word behind from my original goal. (Due to stopping to write a novella, edit a book, and proof another–I have to remind myself.)

But yesterday, I kept noticing that every time I went out with the dogs, one or two at a time, a female cardinal was having fits. Normally, they fly off, but this time, she just kept chirping at all of us. So late last night while I was working on my computer, I saw two of them in the rosebush. I was thinking they were the momma and baby, but they’re two babies, their beaks not orange yet. The feeder is above them, but empty. The squirrels knocked all the food out of them on the ground, and they’ve claimed the feeders and the food on the ground for their own. lol

Tenacious little baby birds. Normally, the adult cardinals just fly off when the other birds come to eat–the blue jays, woodpeckers, mockingbirds, and doves. But these baby females are hungry and momma and daddy told them this food was for them.

Okay, hoping the kids don’t sleep in too late and come and pick up their furbabies soon. I’m trying for 3,000 a day to try and catch up. My goal is normally 2,000 a day. But now I have to write two more novellas, so I need to get cracking.

Have a beautiful day! We had a great storm yesterday, supposed to rain today, but it looks clear now. Hope to get some more baby bird pictures when it’s a little lighter out!

Remember, even if you’re trying to get stuff done, notice the wonders of life around you. It’s amazing what goes on outside of us.


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