A Salute to Veterans Today!

And every day. May those who are serving in our armed forces today stay safe. And for those who have served, thank you.

I was watching The King last night about King Henry V, and how he wanted peace, but everyone else who could benefit, the Archbishop, his advisor, and countless others who would take land and have more power if they took over France, set things in motion to cause him to decide on war.

Whether the movie version was based on truth or not, it showed a typical scenario: Politicians and military leaders wanting more of something, anything, glory, fame and the minions, the soldiers risk their lives for it. Whether the war is successful or not, the soldiers are gone or injured for life, some psychologically maimed.

All that remains for historians to recount are the politicians, the leaders, but the little guy is forgotten. Without him, they wouldn’t have succeeded. Yet he is not important in the scheme of things. At least, King Henry fought alongside his men.

The Archbishop, who had funded the action and wanted the untold rewards from it, sat high on a hill in safety, watching. I wonder if there would be as much fighting, if the political powers that decide these things had to actually fight with the troops, to live in the conditions they do during the holidays, instead of being treated like the new kings of the modern age, be torn from their families with no idea if they would ever return home. Not be in a safe place somewhere far from the battle scene either. Literally, fight with the men at their side.

So thanks to our veterans–even if they didn’t fight in the trenches–were there to support those who did.

Hope you all have a beautiful day!

Tomorrow is going to be COLD. 27 in the morning. Brrrr


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