Toddler Choices

When it’s way too sunny, Mommy is great sunblock.

It’s amazing how we go from she likes anything, to very specific choices. Now the spicy sausage she loved is HOT. She loves eggs, when she didn’t before, but normally can’t get through more than 1 1/2, so I’ve been giving her half of my one. I put on a show she was having fits about. “No Green Eggs and Ham!” Then I found True and she said, “True!” Okay, True it is.

Clothes can be a real struggle. It has to be soft. Period. If it isn’t soft, she’s not having any part of it. Forget fancy dresses that Grandma wants to take pictures of her in.

It’s the frigid North here with an Arctic blast we normally don’t have this early all over the country, so I found her monster slippers and both of us are wearing slippers to keep warm. I’m still trying to decide about taking her for a walk, bundling up, but only if she keeps her hat and gloves on. She has a mind of her own.

She loves to clean (she spilled her yogurt and cleaned it all up by herself after she alerted me she’d spilled it, then cleaned her high chair table up after she had breakfast–though Grandma goes over everything one more time, just in case) and feed the dogs and the birds. She gives the doggies their snacks when we put them to bed so she can take a nap too.

It’s important to teach kids (even at 2 1/2), to help with chores and make them fun. She loves cleaning my glass door and the window she can reach. She loves helping me with putting the clean washed clothes in the dryer.

My kids used to give me grief that I made them wash their clothes and dry them when they were younger. But when they were in college, my son thanked me because none of his friends, male or female, knew how to do their laundry and he had to teach them. The same with cooking. My kids helped me cook and one year when I was really sick with the flu, running a really high fever, and feeling sicker than a dog, and my mom wouldn’t help (she hated cooking and dad did all of it until he died), my son and daughter made the Thanksgiving dinner. They were the best! My son was always impressing girlfriends with his skill at making fancy dinners.

Friday, we emptied the new bag of dog food into the bin, and the dog biscuits into another. We’ll do that with birdseed today. She even fills up the dogs’ water dish. I give her a plastic cup not very full of water, and she carries it from the sink all the way to the dish, without spilling, crouches and pours it into the dish. The first time, I filled the cup too full and she spilled some on the trip to the dish. When she poured the water into the dish the first couple of times, she splashed it on the dog mat, but then she learned to crouch and pour in the water without spilling. Everything is a learning exercise–for both of us. Then she returns to me for more water, over and over again, until it’s done.

She loves turning out lights too, so when a light is no longer needed, I lift her up and she turns out the light.

Who knows, but maybe in future years, she will be good at conserving electricity!

When I’m cooking, I’ll lift her in my arms and show her what I’m doing, and sometimes she gets to help too. And I had her help me tape up birthday presents for her Mommy. First, these were hers, but then she was saying they were Mommy’s birthday presents. Plus, I teach her that the one box is square, the other rectangle and they are covered in? Cupcakes! And when I told her thank you for bringing me the tape, she said I was welcome. I hadn’t expected that. lol

So we are off to brave the cold all bundled up. It worked! She kept her hat and gloves on, wonder of wonders.

Have a fun day!!


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2 thoughts on “Toddler Choices

  1. WOW, that was a most learning/ sharing experiences.
    When Andrea or Bob serve Dessert on Sundays, my grandchildren help to bring each Desserts plate to each one of us.
    Turning 13th was the age I taught Andrea & Joseph to do their laundry, since them I never washed anything of them. Your son an mine have the cooking in common… make his own ideas and elegant.
    Take care my friend .

    • It’s important that they feel they can do for themselves. My son mowed with the lawn tractor. My daughter wanted to so badly. She was 3 years younger than him. She ran into my brick mailbox pillar and decided she was done with mowing. lol

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