The Missing Bowl

Keira is a big helper and so after she finished her broccoli, she took her little plastic red bowl into the kitchen. But I couldn’t see where she put it. So I had to ask her. Remember, she is 2 1/2. “Where did you put the bowl?”
“The bowl you had your broccoli in?”

She opens her mouth wide and points into her mouth. lol
“Yes, that’s where your broccoli went. Good for you. Where did you put the bowl? Did you put it in the pantry?”
She closes the door to the pantry. “No.”
“It’s not on the counters. Where did the bowl go? Where are you, bowl?” I ask. We often go around the house looking for things, asking where they are and she loves it.
“Where are you, bowl?” Keira parrots. “Where did the bowl go?” Then she runs over and picks up a hair bow on the coffee table and shows it to me.
“Yes, that’s a hair bow. But we’re looking for a bowl.”

She knows what a bowl is, but it’s just not sinking in.
We start again. “When you finished eating your broccoli, you took your bowl in the kitchen. Where did you put it?” I pull another like it out of the cabinet and show it to her.
Her eyes widen. Yes, I think she’s got it! She ran over to the pull-out trash can in the cabinet. lol There was where the bowl went.

See? It’s not just us who can’t remember where we put things!

I laughed, then showed her that the bowl goes in the dishwasher. I just hope she doesn’t stick her dishes in the dishwasher with uneaten food in them!
Life with a toddler gives you a new outlook on life.

I’m off to work on the story. It’s rainy and cold and we had a hard freeze last night, so some of my annuals died and I was out pulling them up in the rain to set out with the trash.

Hope your day is wonderful! Wet and cold and soggy works for me!


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