Birds of Prey

The little girl was actually with a buzzard, not a hawk, and the other is a vulture. The birds were at the Renaissance Festival, and are all rescue birds.

Okay, granddaughter is here, no hat and gloves, so we probably won’t take a walk unless I can find another pair of gloves in my house. Her daddy was running late, hit the snooze button on his alarm, and her shoes were on the wrong feet too. lol Grandma fixed. Wednesday, she had unmatched socks.

At least it’s Friday!

I’m up to chapter 16 on proofing Falling for the Cougar, 50 pages to go. But of course with a toddler here, it’s iffy about working on it. We’re playing musical laps. Max is on my lap whenever Keira wants off it, and then she wants up again. lol

Have a wonderful day!


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