How to Choose Who Wins

I had several CD Audiobook giveaways to offer, so how do I choose the winners? It depends. Sometimes for loyal readers, sometimes for the hope of new readers. For those who follow my blogs/FB, newsletter. For those who comment on my FB or blog. It’s amazing how many people comment daily on my postings, but others never do unless it’s for a giveaway.

It’s like a test too. Does an entrant really say something in a comment? Or just: I love the cover, or not even that. A heart. It costs me money to send gifts so I like to feel that when I give them, it means something to the recipient and it means something to me.

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I look at FB pages of entrants. Some of my readers share my posts. One shared all of the CD offerings. She will win one because I appreciate that she could narrow her chances at winning by letting her friends know about it, but she helped spread the word. Not only that, but she often shares my posts, not just stuff like this!

I look to see how many have already received tons of books from me. I look to see who all enters contests and that’s it. I’ve given several books to one “reader” who always says, “I’ve never read any of your books.” So, hmm, what happened to the ones I sent to her? I’m now wary of that ploy! But hey, it works for her! Authors are drawn in by the chance to hook a new reader. But it’s just a game for a “reader” like her.

I know some authors do a chance drawing, so if someone posts a response a couple of times on the posting, they have a better chance at winning. Playing the system. Not really interested in the books as much as winning the game. Look. What. I . Won.

I want someone to win my books who genuinely is interested in my books.

Years ago when I was sharing books on a review site, the owner said they read every response and chose the best reader comments for a win.

That’s what I try to do.

For loyal readers. For those who are just getting started with my series. For those who want a chance to check them out. I like giving books away when I can. But it costs me money and I want to feel that I get something back in return.

So I’m off and writing on Bite of the Vampire, have books to ship, and I’m now farther along on the 2nd book in the series than the 3rd book. I might finish it before the end of the year. Here’s hoping! I still need to try and put the Halloween cougar novella in print, and I’m working on edits on Falling for the Cougar, and Red Wolf Christmas (now Joy to the Wolves) edits are coming soon.

Have a super great day! I’m off to choose some winners so I can get these shipped today!


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2 thoughts on “How to Choose Who Wins

  1. Good day my busy friend. 45 F this morning, it is good or we will be in trouble, has been raining for 12 hours and forecast for mor rain.
    Mackenzie C. is my favorite female NARRATOR. Phil Gigante male Narrator, there are several great ones… looking at my Audible Library From ♥ of a Jaguar I have books 1 to 4., ♥ of a Cougar 1 & 2.,
    I don’t know why I don’d have book 3
    ♥ of the Wolf : Heart of the Wolf Book 1, SEAL Wolf Hunting,
    A Silver Wolf Christmas, Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing,
    The Highlander (The Highlanders) book 1,Taming the Wild Highlander book 4
    have a great day.

    • Thanks, Lola! I love Mackenzie too. Yeah, they had a real sporadic rights sales for my wolf books, so a lot of them don’t have audiobooks. 🙁

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