It’s Like Christmas When a Flower Blooms

This is a red crepe myrtle and I planted it last year, but all the other varieties of crepe myrtles had bloomed but this one. So a few days ago, I saw it had finally bloomed. I finally got out to take pictures of the flowers. Make mental note–this crepe myrtle is a LATE bloomer.

Well, still waiting for a review on the last portrait I did before I can move on. Though I’ve done the next two and one of my own.

In the meantime, I also started writing Tangling with the Wolf, the novella for Dreaming of the Wolf. I couldn’t think of anything–and then I found a writing prompt where someone drops a paper napkin on someone else’s table with a warning–leave, while you still can.

Okay, so what could be the trouble? Then I had it! Where I had lived before, different biker gangs ended up at a pub, armed with knives and guns and started a fight. Perfect!!!

So I have my first 2,000, and I’m off to write 2,000 a day, on days I don’t take care of little one. Three-thousand if I can figure out what to write!

I also was studiously digging up plants I don’t want, weeds I don’t want, and once it’s all cleaned out, I’ll plant a couple of plants I do want in their place. It’s best if you can plant the right plants in a place first, but sometimes you don’t know how well they will do until after you’ve let them grow, or not grow, for a couple of years. It looks like I’ll be replacing all of my sky pencil holly as one after another bite the dust. *sigh*

Anyway, I’m off to work on the story!

Have a great day!


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