Busy Little Bumblebee

Bumblebees are territorial and they can get mad when you bother them, but I just had to get some pictures of them so I was madly dashing around the garden taking shots of them every chance I could get.

I read where colleges are back in session, students are getting sick, no quarantine in place, just send them home wherever they are from–brilliant!–so they can spread the virus to their families and hometowns. This reminds me of when I was talking to a college student, from a great distance away, who couldn’t wait to go back to College Station, Texas A & M.

“I’m careful around my parents, but when I’m back at college, we’re going to party! We don’t get it. If we did, it wouldn’t make us that sick.”

“But people of all ages have died from it,” I said.

Nope, he didn’t believe it. Not big enough numbers to convince him. He’s immune. His friends are immune. Let’s party! And so now those same students are being sent back to their families–the ones they said they would protect–and…well, you know where it goes from there.

And who is responsible? The colleges that have opened, instead of doing things virtually. Or quarantined in place, so the students could get better on their own and not spread the virus further.

I rest my case.

I knew I shouldn’t read the news. Little one will be here soon. We’re going to feed the turtles if we can get out before it gets too hot. I’m up to 4,000 words on Tangling of the Wolf, need 16K more! That’s what I love about novellas. Short and sweet. Though mine usually end up around 28K.

Have a great day!!!


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