Lovely Little Dragonfly–Warriors of the Garden

I love dragonflies. They eat bad flying insects. Between them, butterflies, bumblebees and hummingbirds in the garden, my granddaughter and I were thoroughly entertained.

I often don’t see a hummingbird at rest, but my neighbor has a tree next to my fence where they will sit. I tried to get a shot of them, but not sure if they came out.

So I finally got a pass on my portrait and uploaded the next one. In the meantime, I have the third one completed, and I’m working on a fur course.

I ended up getting 500 words on Tangling with the Wolf–the novella on my non-writing day while little one was here. Then I was working on Wolff Bros 2 edits based on my beta readers’ critiques. I hope to get that done today and then get the rest of my word count for today.

We had wild thunderstorms twice yesterday. We weren’t supposed to have any rain. But I will take any that we can get. Little one usually sings, “Rain, rain, go away.” And I tell her, “Oh, no, we need the rain!” I was telling her that all the little animals need the rain, and she finally was singing, “Rain, rain, come again.” I’ve got to train her right. lol

We have a better chance of rain today when we weren’t supposed to. I’m glad. It’s helping to cool things off a bit. Maybe I can get some more weeding done.

Okay, I’m off to finish these edits and then get back to writing.

Have a lovely day.


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