No Hair Photoshop Painting Practice

I’m waiting on the last required photo for approval for no hair. But I need to do some more practice ones and this is one of them.

I finished edits on Wolff Bros last night, need to add acknowledgements and then turn it in. Today I’ll be trying to come up with ideas of where to go on Tangling with the Wolf novella. Hopefully, I’ll write like gangbusters.

Hope your day is great!


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2 thoughts on “No Hair Photoshop Painting Practice

  1. I thought that I was getting old man no hair in record time until this year when I stopped going for haircuts because of you know what. Arrgghh. Anyway, I discovered that even with a home clipper set with all the attachments that supposedly protect you from haircut disaster, it is not easy to cut one’s own hair. I resemble a highland cow already. LOL

    • lol, I just found you in my spam folder. Maybe because of your haircut? My daughter just cut all my son-in-laws hair off. It looks good. But I love the Highland cow reference. You could go with a ponytail. lol I just am pulling mine back until things are safer. 🙂

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