Runaway Dogs and Such

Still Working on No Hair Pictures–yes, she has a little peeking out.

We had storms and 2″ of rain last night, yay! So I was out weeding this morning because the weeds are easier to pull up. Both my dogs got out. The pest control man must have left the gate unlatched. I always check to make sure the gates are shut, and it looked like it from a distance.

I was out weeding out front when Tanner came running to me. He’s such a sweetie, so happy to see me. Max was long gone. I checked the backyard to make sure. He’s bad to run off. And he’s not eager to lose his newfound freedom. Tanner just wants to be with me.

Max and Tanner

It’s funny–in a dog psychology way–because Tanner is the alpha, Max the beta. Max is my lapdog, Tanner isn’t. So what’s with Max running off and Tanner not?

Anyway, Max came back, not to me, maybe he thought he’d be in trouble, but I was just glad I hadn’t lost him, and I took him inside and worked some more on the weeding. After I made sure the gate was shut.

Yesterday I spent most of the day trying to come up with a story idea for the Wolf in Trouble novella for Dreaming of the Wolf. I did finish all my promo blogs. Yay!

I finally started writing something on the novella late, so I need to type up my notes. I was trying to set up my mss for typing, but having issues with setting my indents, and just finally realized the blocking on the page somehow slipped to centered.

I’ll be off to have some fun with the kids in a little while for a couple of hours, and then home to work, then we’re having a barbecue later for Labor Day.

I’m off to weed just a wee bit more and then I’m running!

Stay safe!!!


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