Praying Mantis–Pregnant?

I was working on a story, really, but a praying mantis was on the window screen right in front of me, so naturally since I don’t see them very often, I had to take some pictures. She was doing all kinds of acrobatics, but I only managed to get out and take pictures when she was straightened out again for the most part. I really was trying to stay focused on the book.

praying mantis 008 (640x551)praying mantis 012 (640x427)praying mantis 014 (640x495)

And she was “praying” at one point. Really interesting to watch, when I should have been totally focused on writing. But hey, maybe she will be in a book sometime! 🙂

I was told that as big as her abdomen is, she might be a pregnant praying mantis. Cool, eh???


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