It’s All Relative

It’s freezing here. Okay, for Texas, for me, it’s freezing here. When we’ve had such hot weather, and then the temps drop drastically, it’s cold. Frost was all over the ground, so it was cold. It’s not just my vivid imagination. 🙂

The puppies curl up together all the time whether it’s hot or not, and I wanted to turn on the heat, but I can’t make myself do it. My electric bill shoots way up. So I put on more clothes and just enjoyed the cold. And the puppies are curling up together even more now. They used to sleep in the same crate which kept them warm. I might have to put little blankets in their crates so they’ll stay toasty warm when it gets really cold. One can sleep out of his crate in his bed, and he’s done it on and off for weeks now, which is warmer then the liners in their crates. Not sure I trust Tanner yet.

Puppies morning nap (640x427)Oh, and Tanner turns one years old this month, but yesterday, look what he found!

Yep, he’s still a puppy and up to his old tricks. But now, he’ll just pose for a picture, and then he’ll release what he’s found and I don’t have to turn him upside down to get him to release it without a struggle. My baby is growing up. lol  I do have a time with him as far as grooming though. His fur is so thick, though silky, and Havanese don’t shed. I brush them daily, but he’s terribly matted still from the stay at the kennel. Max is good. He sleeps on my lap while I groom him and his fur is thinner so easier to maintain.

Tanner and the plastic bag 001 (640x429)Off to write on Viking! Have a great day!


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4 thoughts on “It’s All Relative

  1. I have been shivering along with you lol. My dogs love the cold, they have new found energy but it only makes my joints creak. sigh Season changes are nice and necessary. I certainly was tired of the hot and dry, but the cold has only begun and I am already tired of it. Here’s to summer! Cheers

    • lol, I’m so glad to get rid of the bugs for a while. My puppies love the cooler temps too. They want to play more. It’s going to be 76 one day this week, so get ready! lol

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