Galaxy Warrior–Romance, Fantasy, Shifter

Galaxy WarriorHe’s a fighter pilot fighting the good fight in the Great Galaxy War, but when his spacecraft’s navigation is sabotaged and he’s stuck on an inhospitable desert planet awaiting repairs to his ship, he believes one woman might make his stay on the planet more than…hospitable. But the woman isn’t like any that Quaid Lassiter has ever met. She has secrets that can get him killed.

Zaira Cole is a shapeshifter, a pacifist, and is helping her scientist brother to turn the desert planet green. Her people must find the scrolls to give the High Council legitimacy and solicit help from Quaid Lassiter to train their pilots to fight in the war headed their way when they’ve always been a neutral planet. But she wants him for more than that. It’s mating season, she’s just turned of age, and she’s selected him for her mate. Now all she has to do is convince the Prince of Orion, he wants the same. And so the battle begins.

Happy Veteran’s Day!!

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“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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6 thoughts on “Galaxy Warrior–Romance, Fantasy, Shifter

    • Thanks so much, Bonnie! Having grown up on Star Trek and later Star Wars, and loving Galaxy Quest and tons of other SciFi stories, I just had to write this one!!

      It started out as a short story–a request for submissions for stories about the importance of books and coffee shops in the future. So I wrote the short story and submitted it and the person putting the anthology together said, “We’re not open to the general public’s submissions.” Really. It was on a general public page, nothing that said it was open only to a select few.

      But I loved the characters so much, I couldn’t just leave it as a short story and turned it into a full length novel. 🙂 So I was glad for the REJECTION! 🙂 Sour lemons turned into sweet lemonade. In the future!

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