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To me, this is a blue moon. But that means the second full moon in the month. Still, this is a blue moon to me. Did you know there is also a black moon? I didn’t! We have one about every 19 years and the last one was this year! It’s when we have no new moon! And that happened in February, then in January and March, we had two new moons! This doesn’t happen in all parts of the world. So don’t worry if you missed it, like I did. Since you didn’t miss anything.

For me, writing wolf romances, moonology (writer’s license to create words out of the blue)…is important to my stories, and here, I have a new interesting note to use for a future story. If the wolf has a lot of human roots, then he or she can’t change during the new moon, so they have a reprieve. But if there is no new moon? Or there are two new moons? Changes the story.

Okay, off to work on the new story. I’ve had one major thing after another to do and haven’t been able to work on it–but yesterday, I took a whole day off to play Divinity Original Sin 2, a game I got for Christmas and haven’t been able to play at all because of deadlines. I didn’t realize my thief character in the party, as an elf, can eat corpses to learn about the person’s past, ewwwwww. My son and DIL were playing the game too, and her character is an elf also, and she was doing that. He kept telling her not to do that. lol 🙂 <3 Anyway, he told me that last night and I realized I have an elf character too. Will I do it? Once, probably, just to see what happens. lol My ranger (hunts with a bow), is human, no eating corpses. Whew. In my Shadow Elf teen book, elves do not eat corpses either. Ewwww.

Hope you have beautiful day!


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