I love seeing before…after pictures of change. In the first picture of the burford holly, I had transplanted them from under the front window because the builder had those and Indian hawthorn planted there–each that get about 4 feet tall and wide. The holly can get to 6 feet. It would have been a constant trim job. I like easy maintenance.  I used to plant penta flowers between the holly, but there’s no room now! Hummingbirds and butterflies love them so I’ll have to find a new place to plant the annuals.

The puppies were eating the birdseed. Not allowed, but when Momma’s busy with taking pictures….

The other was the rosebush and look how big it’s gotten! I’m still working on the area next to the fence. The soil isn’t great, so I need to amend it more. The drift rosebush there always stays pretty small.

Baby is here and “furniture walking.” Which means watching her trying to get into everything.

I reached 2,000 yesterday on SEAL Wolf Surrender. Seventy-eight thousand to go. It just starts at a word, and then goes from there.

Okay, got to get busy with baby. Have fun!!!!


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