Do You Ever Hope Problems Will Go Away?

Mourning doves sleeping, male cardinal, and female cardinal getting a snack.

By themselves? Like, if you ignore it long enough, it will right itself? Do they? Ever?

Okay, my list, I realize, is starting to grow. I can’t get logged into my Mac. Maybe it’s more secure from predators with all the hoops you have to go through to access your darn computer, but if the person who owns it can’t, then it’s a FAIL.

Next, I take a shower and my toilet starts to gurgle. And then my shower won’t drain. If I run the water in the sink after taking a shower, the toilet gurgles. Ugh. Maybe the water level is so high (we did have a lot of rain the other day, ignore the fact we had a lot of drought the first time), that was the problem, but guess what? It’s NOT going away.

Then, my garbage disposal isn’t running. I rarely, rarely use it. For the last twenty years, I’ve lived in rural homes and you couldn’t use one for a septic tank. They always install them in the homes, but I never used them. So, by habit, I dump stuff I can in the composter, and anything else in the trash. Why did the stupid thing go out on me in 2 1/2 years then? Ludicrous. I’ve tried the reset button. I hear a tiny grinding, so it’s trying to do something. And there’s nothing stuck in there because I never put anything in there but maybe the remnants of gravy, or something. And yes, I run water in there at the same time.

And…my low tire light came on in my car. So I fill the tires up with air and it continues to show low tire. The last time this happened, I ended up getting some bark mulch, my car was weighted down, and without adding any more air to the tire, it suddenly reset itself and no more warning light. Maybe I need to get a ton more bark mulch to fix it again? If everything could be so easy! Oh, wait, putting more air in the tires should have been enough, right?

If only I could call one person to fix everything, wouldn’t that be great?


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