Getting Distracted While Already Distracted…

How often does that happen to you?

I wanted to do too many things at once, and was halfway preparing a lunch, feeding the birds, putting groceries away, reheating my tea, too many things at once. So I have a potato partly peeled, the microwave dinger is going off, I need to empty the pot of water (recycle water as much as possible) into the hanging plants before I can boil my potato, see the birdfeeder is empty, return to start the potato, get distracted by the meat I want to divide up and freeze, and still haven’t started my lunch.

Time out. One thing at a time. Do I? Do one thing at a time? Nope. But I did grab my tea out of the microwave to stop the annoying dinger from dinging and driving me batty.

Off to work on the story. I had to run errands today, which always puts me off on my writing. But with the new chair, I’m happily writing away, except, when I’m at my desk…I see the birds: a lovely little female cardinal, two mourning doves sleeping at the base of the rosebush, a rare sighting of a little chickadee. Aww, darn it. I need my camera.

So now I’m set up, waiting for the chickadee or cardinal to return, took pictures of the hot, little, sleepy doves

…and yes, getting to my blog super late, and 3/4ths of the way done on my word count. It’s working!!! These are older pictures I took of chickadees, and oh, wow, I just saw a green Carolina anole puff out his red throat!!! I’ve never see that before, but I didn’t catch it! Okay, eyes on manuscript. No more looking out window.

Have a great rest of the day!!!


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