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I had to send an email concerning the chair because I had two parts that were the same instead of two different parts. I listed the two parts based in the directions, and I got a “we’re confused” message back. So I took pictures and explained the same thing again.

I was told that they had to have their technicians determine the problem and figure out the manufacturer’s part for it. You see, on the directions, they don’t list the manufacturer’s part, so I could only give them the ID they used on the directions. Part C and Part D. Anyway, they’re contacting the manufacturer to send me the replacement part, and I’m hoping I get the RIGHT part, which brings me to the blue octopus.

In earlier accounts, I’ve mentioned the blue octopus that has arrived on my doorstep 3 times instead of the correct teapot I’d ordered. Now, I’d ordered two different ones, one for my daughter for Christmas and one for me. Mine is the one that turned into a blue octopus. I finally got my “refund.” I’ve been shorted $16, and not only was I shorted the money, it was given for the one that wasn’t returned. The other says it has been replaced. Well, yes, three times, and not once had it been right.

And that’s the story of refunds and returns. Juggling baby so I’m off and running! Have a lovely day!


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2 thoughts on “Refunds and Returns

  1. I feel your pain with the customer support people. Sometimes it is better to just find a place in your life for a blue octopus and move on. lol

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