Determination Wins!

Killing the Bloodlust cover new blue swords2 with font 2000

I finally created the cover I love for one of my vampire huntress novels. 🙂

And I finally managed to put my desk chair together, after a struggle. And one piece is a duplicate of another, so it needs a different piece. Emailed them last night and hopefully I’ll get the right one soon–which reminds me of blue octopuses. Oh, and yes, the chair is wonderful. It killed me to sit in that other and I had to write on my laptop on a recliner after a short while of working at my desk. I write for hours, or try to, so I needed a chair that was comfortable.

I put the glider together so I can rock baby to sleep . She will be here tomorrow, so I wanted to get that done. She will be here two days a week starting next week and through until next summer. Which means I have to write and write and write to finish this book soon. Getting there!

So I’m off to write!!! Hope your day exceeds your expectations!


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3 thoughts on “Determination Wins!

  1. This really resonates with me. I’m bouncing my ten-month-old on my knee as I write this, and it’s so nice to see that you manage to write books and be a mom at the same time. Thank you for the inspiration 🙂

    • Oh, absolutely, Liv! My granddaughter is 16 months and a real handful. On the days I have her, I can only get some writing done when she naps, and she’ll only sleep longer if she’s on my lap. I was writing books when my two were little, and I even homeschooled them. It’s doable! Takes some juggling, but it’s so worth it! 🙂

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